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72 shots – three goals

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Like hockey or not, today’s message serves as a great reminder for all of us.
Last season the Washington Capitols and The NY Rangers faced off for game seven in the semi-finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was all on the line. The winner moved onto the finals, while the loser went home to catch up on some TV reruns.

I tuned in with 17 minutes left in the 3rd period with the score tied one apiece. I heard the announcer say, “61 shots. Two in.” Those numbers immediately caught my attention.

The Rangers where a sure loser as they were down three to one in the loss column going into the night’s game. The smart money was on the Caps.
When the game came to a conclusion in overtime, the shot on goal count rose to 72 with just three goals scored. The Rangers overcame a two game deficit and were moving on.

It took 72 attempts to successfully achieve three positive outputs. Sound familiar? Probably not, since most of you reading this article give up or quit long before that many attempts are registered with little to show for them.
I am not sure what your sales statistics look like, but I bet that you are not taking enough shots… not meeting enough prospects… not thanking enough people.

To win in any game today requires a great deal of focus, effort, and persistence. You can also toss in the concept of “tenacity.”

My sage advice to you today: Keep on skating. Keep on shooting. Take the luck when you can and expect to score sooner or later.
Become the Exception - Mike Marchev,, is a marketing humorist who has the skill to motivate. He shares his personal experiences and lessons in a fun, light and refreshing fashion through his monthly articles. Contact Mike at