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Applications – choosing the right machine

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Determining what machine (sweeper/scrubber) to recommend for a particular application is one of the more difficult consultation that I have experienced. We are going to look today at one example of application, function, machines and brands.

I received a call from my client stating he had 260,000 square feet that they were going to relocate to. This was going to happen in approximately 60 days to 2 months. So, time was of the essence.

Since I was not familiar with his business I had to find out everything I could about it. The nature of your customer’s business is of utmost importance that it could possibly determine what machine will work and which one will not.

One example of this would be a food distribution center. You would never recommend a diesel or LPG unit for this application. Instead an electric or battery unit is the norm.

So, let’s go item by item of my recommendations in this situation.

1) The 260,000 square feet building was total square footage. The building broke down and I listed it this way:

A. 150,000 square feet / Warehouse Space
B. 10,000 square feet / Research Area
C. 80,000 square feet / Manufacturing
D. 20,000 square feet / Office.

2) I asked how often he was going to clean the floors. He stated that the
manufacturing and warehouse area would be scrubbed 2-3 times a week and the research area every day. The office would be once a week. At least, this was their plan and I felt this was a good starting point.

A. The 150,000 square footage for the warehouse space had to be further analyzed. The big question here is not square footage but isle width. Not all company’s are the same with isle width at 60” or others with 36” (or 3 foot) wide. In this instance, they were going to have a width of 46 inches.

There are two machines that I already have in mind:
1. American Lincoln Model 7730 Sweeper/Scrubber was
introduced two years ago. This machine is a small version
of the model 7760.

2. Tennant Model 8210 which is a light sweeper and mostly
scrubber and time tested. It’s for forerunners were the
510E and 515 Scrubber.

In this situation I feel he needed a 1/c engine LPG instead of electric.

B. Next, let’s look at the 10,000 square foot Research Area. Actually there are two scrubbers that I recommend. The Tennant 5700 Walk behind with disc brush and the Advance 325LX (Lynx). I like both of these scrubbers because they have sold quite a few and they are time tested. Parts are within reason and readily available. The Advance scrubber is somewhat less complicated making it easier and less expensive to repair.

C. Next, the 80,000 manufacturing area is a combination of open areas and close quarters. Since we have this combination I reasoned that the Model 8210 could handle the open areas and the walk behind would fit in the close areas.

D. As far as the remaining area in the 20,000 square feet for office space it was square tile. Actually I would recommend this; use the walk behind scrubber and install pad brushes. With this one could buff the floor at anytime.

Any questions or comments please e-mail me at

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