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Can You Distinguish Between The Different Variations Of Nissan H20 Engines?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It is often a problem for parts and service personnel to distinguish between the different variations of Nissan H20 engines. The Nissan H20 engine is used in Komatsu, Kalmar AC, Nissan/Datsun, TCM forklifts and others. The following are differences helpful for proper engine identification.

The Nissan H20 is the oldest variation and appears in several forms. The engine serial number begins with “S” and the thermostat housing mounts directly on top of the cylinder head. There are also two different oil pan depths. The shallow pan is 4 1/2” from the pan rail to bottom of pan and the deep pan is 6”.

There are two types of cylinder heads, “two-bolt thermostat” and “three-bolt thermostat.” When looking at the bare head with the housing removed, there is either two bolt holes directly across from each other or three bolt holes evenly spaced around the thermostat opening. This is where there is always confusion. The thermostat housing must be removed to see the bolt holes. Both styles have three bolts in the actual housing.

Finally, the oil filter spins onto an aluminum oil filter housing bolted to the side of the block.


  • Engine serial number begins with “S”
  • Two-bolt or three-bolt thermostat
  • Oil filter spins onto housing
  • Shallow or deep oil pan

The Nissan H20-II is the newest variation. The engine serial number begins with “K” and the thermostat housing does not bolt directly onto the cylinder head. Instead a coolant tube that is pressed into the side of the head connects to the radiator. The oil filter spins directly onto the block.


  • Engine serial number begins with “K”
  • Coolant tube pressed in side of cylinder head
  • Oil filter spins directly onto block

The Nissan H20-K is the middle variation used for only a short period of time. This variation is a combination of the H20 and H20-II. The engine serial number begins with “K” but the cylinder head is the same as the H20 two-bolt. The difference in the shortblock is that the oil filter spins directly onto the block instead of an oil filter housing.


  • Engine serial number begins with “K”
  • Two-bolt thermostat housing on cylinder head
  • Oil filter spins directly onto block

In summary, the way to identify the H20 engine is by combining the first letter of the serial number, the cylinder head style, and if the oil filter spins directly onto the block or housing. Using this criteria will result in parts and service representatives ordering the correct remanufactured Nissan H20 engine the first time.

This month’s article was written by John Gelsimino Jr. of All Industrial Engine Service. All Industrial Engine Service (AIES) was started by All Lift Service Company, a Komatsu forklift truck dealership which was established in 1972. AIES was started to end warranty problems associated with other engine suppliers and provide the dealership with the highest quality remanufactured engines available. AIES remanufactures LP and diesel forklift truck engines for companies and dealerships across the country.

With a direct tie to the forklift industry, AIES understands the business and knows the problems that go along with buying engines out of state. They are truly providing the forklift industry with a great product and the highest level of customer service.

If you are interested in this topic. Feel free to give me a call at 877/303-LIFT or As always, TechTalk and All Industrial Engine Service bring you current issues that are relevant to today’s material handling industry.

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