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Cascade releases video focusing on flow & pressure and the importance of proper forklift attachment installations

Monday, February 22, 2016

Cascade Corporation, the global leader in lift truck attachments, forks, accessories and material handling solutions, announced the release of a new video aimed at educating the industry on hydraulic flow and pressure and the critical role they both play when properly installing an attachment onto a forklift. The new video, titled "Marriage Between Forklift & Attachment: The Value of Proper Forklift Attachment Installations" and found here on YouTube, attempts to resolve much of the confusion about when a forklift may benefit from the addition of hydraulic flow and pressure accessories.

"The flow and pressure topic is one that forklift dealers, users and OEMs have been discussing and debating for decades," says Martin Boyd, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager, Cascade Corporation. "This fun and engaging 8½ minute video will clear up much of the confusion surrounding flow and pressure helping forklift dealers maximize the value of the forklift and attachment 'package' for their customers," Boyd adds.

Combining easy-to-understand language with attention-grabbing visuals, the video clearly communicates how with certain proactive measures, forklift dealers can ensure their customers receive a forklift and attachment package designed to work in harmony with each other – a package that not only optimizes energy efficiency and productivity but also lowers the overall cost of operation. "We are confident that widespread use of this video will help educate the world on proper attachment installations so forklift dealers and users can truly maximize the value of both their lift trucks and their high-quality Cascade attachments," Boyd concluded.

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