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ClearSpan’s Rise to Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Fabric Structures

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In 1981, Barry Goldsher and Charles Clark founded Engineering Services & Products Company in Manchester, CT as a business venture targeting small farmers. They quickly established FarmTek, the well-known agricultural catalog, and with that, began setting the stage for ClearSpan Fabric Structures.

Originally catering to the agricultural community, ClearSpan fabric buildings grew in popularity among farmers for use as livestock housing and hay and equipment storage. President and CEO Barry Goldsher explains, “The most significant change that ClearSpan has experienced over the years is the markets that we serve. When we started, agriculture was our only market and specialty. Now ClearSpan Fabric Structures serves virtually every industry, including manufacturing, distribution, waste management, bulk storage, municipalities, wastewater treatment, athletics, military and more.”

Video testimonials on the ClearSpan website display a broad array of applications that these structures cover. Satisfied customers talk about their ClearSpan solution, whether it be for their recycling facility, music venue, lion enclosure or finished goods warehouse.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures is the natural choice when it comes to any building need, as each structure is built to individual customer specifications. Their Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are engineered, manufactured and constructed with the highest structural integrity, as well as designed in compliance with the International Building Code. Every Truss Arch Building is custom engineered to fit the requirements of the specific location, such as snow and wind loads or foundation type.

From barns to warehousing facilities, ClearSpan is the only tension fabric building manufacturer that can provide a turnkey building solution. ClearSpan specialists guide customers through the process of designing and constructing an engineered fabric structure, with special attention to the needs and goals for the structure’s application. These building specialists make recommendations based on their experience and knowledge, and help the customer determine the specifications and customization needed for their specific ClearSpan structure.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities centrally located in Dyersville, IA, ClearSpan is continually making advancements in the tension fabric building industry. One original design from ClearSpan is an insulated fabric structure with 40 mm polycarbonate skylights.

Goldsher says, “This design provides a very cost-effective and sustainable building solution. It will save businesses thousands of dollars each year because it eliminates the need for artificial daytime lighting, reduces nighttime lighting requirements, and offers an insulation rating of up to R-30.”

Goldsher invites anyone in the area to visit the Dyersville facilities and take a tour. “Visitors will see our buildings in action, serving as our manufacturing and distribution centers,” Goldsher continues, “They can experience firsthand the natural light and spaciousness of these structures, as well as how well a geothermal heating and cooling system works in a fabric building.”

ClearSpan’s commitment to their customers doesn’t stop once construction is complete. The company prides itself on manufacturing the most durable fabric structures, and they provide an industry-leading 15 year warranty on the buildings’ covers and frames. They also offer many additional customizable features, making it possible to outfit an entire operation with everything from lighting and heaters to flooring, fans, shutters, doors, fencing and more.

According to Goldsher, “ClearSpan is proud of our growing list of satisfied customers and advocates. We have come to be most well known for our design-build solutions for business, industry and agriculture.”

For more information on ClearSpan Fabric Structures, call 866/643-1010 or visit

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