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Creating a healthy workplace

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Embracing wellness as part of the company culture and encouraging a healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on employees as well as employers. Investing in programs to better the minds and bodies will lower health care costs, reduce absenteeism and achieve higher employee productivity.

A comprehensive wellness program can be a major selling point for companies trying to attract and retain the best and brightest talent. Over 70% of employees stated in a recent CareerBuilder survey that “benefit package offerings are extremely or very important to their job satisfaction.”

At TVH, our Nudge wellness program is rated by employee who participated in a survey as one of the best reasons to work for the company. Centered around the mantra “Daily Choices Matter”, the program features walking challenges, onsite fitness classes, wellness classes, health screenings, CPR classes, and more.

The fundamentals of a successful program include engaging, empowering and encouraging employees to make better daily choices. Begin by focusing on a few simple steps and continue to add to the program.

  • ● Get support and involvement from all levels of the organization. TVH executives are constantly involved which further models healthy behaviors in the workplace.
  • ● Find wellness ambassadors within your company and work with them to recruit new participants and share ideas.
  • ● Use a variety of communication strategies. At TVH, we use flyers, restroom signage, social media, the intranet and email.
  • ● To really empower change, make activities simple, fun, engaging and repeat annually. Follow-up with recognition and company newsletter articles.
  • ● Think outside the box and blend activities. Consider adding a stretch break during meetings or walking meeting.
  • ● Survey employees to find out what topics of wellness interest them, then develop and offer classes based on this feedback.
  • ● Keep the program positive and rewarding. The Nudge program rewards employees with points that they can use towards the purchase of health and fitness items.

A wellness community provides support and accountability as lifestyle habits are being transformed, for the health of it. Investing in programs to better employee minds and bodies will impact the bottom line. An engaged wellness program plays a role in everything from recruitment and retention to overall profitability.
If you would like to know more about our wellness culture or creating a healthy workplace, contact TVH Health and Wellness Coach, Lucy DelSarto at