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Custom Rigger Trucks Solve The Problem

Sunday, May 1, 2011

When someone needs a specialized rigger truck, they think of Scott Lorentz, President and Owner of White Blaze Equipment, Kitchener, Ontario.

In the material handling business his entire adult life, Lorentz founded White Blaze Equipment in 2003 when, just recently out of work, he drew on his expertise and knowledge of customized rigger trucks to start his own company. “I saw a niche and decided to fill it,” says Lorentz.

Lorentz’s a one man show, but he likes it that way. He prides himself on providing excellent customer service and it shows. “I have a lot of repeat customers, because they know I can solve their problems.”

Lorentz carries the Brute Lift line and couldn’t be happier with their equipment: “They produce a fantastic truck.” Since Scott specializes in big trucks, 15 ton and above, the Brute Lift line meets his needs and the needs of his customers by supplying a variety of re-manufactured chassis and new chassis rigger trucks. “This is a very special needs sort of market. My customers come to me with a problem or special circumstance, and I help them outfit the right truck to get the job done.”

White Blaze does almost 90% of their business in the U.S. While this hasn’t changed much in the 8 years since Lorentz started his company, the types of customers have. Increasingly, factories are choosing to keep their maintenance work in house, resulting in a need to purchase specialized rigger trucks geared to plant maintenance and machinery moving. A solid reputation for meeting customers’ needs has generated a great deal of referrals for Lorentz.

A complete inventory of new and used equipment can be found on the web site. If you need to sell a piece of equipment, Lorentz is always looking to find homes for good pieces of machinery moving equipment.

In his spare time, Lorentz likes to hunt with his two dogs or wrench on his ‘76 Harley or ’67 Jeep. He named his company after his favorite dog “Blue” (“Northern White Blaze Blue,” that is) because she is hard working, attentive, honest and good natured. “That is the reputation I want my company to have and the satisfaction my customers will feel after doing business with White Blaze Equipment.”

For more information, visit, call 877/621-5438 (toll free); or 519/585-1320 direct. Email

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