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Drop Your Rock!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A s soon as I heard the gentleman from Indiana mention this phrase during Friday evening’s welcome reception, I knew I had just heard my new “battle cry.”


He was a very successful man. Full of life. Full of fun. Full of ideas. And more than financially sound. We were talking about why some people are more successful than others when he began to wax eloquent on the subject.

He said, “Most people are just too scared to drop their rock.”

At that very moment, I knew I had just heard a “keeper.”

The reason that many people are not more successful today is because they are holding onto self-imposed limitations … as if they were anchored to a huge rock for stability. They are burdened by what others may think and shackled by a bunch of negative “what-if” energy-sapping scenarios.

  1. We can’t do that.
  2. We have never done that before.
  3. That is not the way we do things.
  4. Don’t be silly!
  5. What would people think?
  6. That isn’t me.
  7. Sounds like too much work.
  8. What if it doesn’t work?
  9. You’re kidding…right?
  10. That would never work.

Bottom line: They become one of the ducks ….. plain vanilla ….. predictable ….. moderately successful … one of the gang…. invisible.

To follow the advice of an “entrepreneur” blindly is an invitation to flirt with disaster. But to listen to the advice and wisdom of a “successful entrepreneur” is something I can recommend.

Show me a successful entrepreneur, and more often than not, I will show you a person who has “dropped his/her rock.”

Don’t be foolish, and don’t be too impetuous. But this month, focus on identifying the rock(s) you are tethered to and see if it would make sense if you managed to drop a few of them.

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