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Educate your employees to better health

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Creating a comprehensive wellness program can boost morale and create a healthy workplace culture for your company’s biggest asset – your employees. Give them the tools to improve their quality of life and live a healthier lifestyle by providing ongoing wellness education and activities. You’re probably wondering, where do I start?

By participating in a health risk assessment (HRA) employees get an overview of their health, identifying potential risk factors affected by blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI. At TVH, our on-site HealthStat health clinic provides a range of services including HRAs and recommendations for improving health. HealthStat also conducts various employee presentations throughout the year on various topics including blood pressure testing and skin cancer screenings.

Another way we educate and engage employees at TVH is with guest speakers who specialize in different areas of wellness. For each speaker, we offer three 30-minute class sessions approximately 75-100 employees attend. A few recent topics have included foot health, acupuncture, self-defense, forward head posture, spine health and hypnotism.

While diet and exercise are two crucial aspects to a healthy body, it is important not to overlook a healthy mind. Educating employees on thoughts and emotions is just as vital. Lifestyle Wellness: Mind, Heart and Body with Coach Lucy is a 30-minute weekly class over 40-weeks that includes a variety of topics such as movement, supplements, gratitude, conflict resolution, money matters, sleep, laughter and music therapy.

Health is our greatest wealth and employees are an employer’s biggest asset, thus John Adams quote resonates even today: “There are two educations. One should teach us how to make living and the other how to live.”

If you’d like to learn more about our programs or health and wellness at your workplace contact Lucy DelSarto at