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Entertainment Earth selects Hannibal Industries for warehouse storage rack expansion

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hannibal Industries, Inc., manufacturer of steel pallet racks for the material handling industry, announced its patented TubeRack system has been selected by Entertainment Earth to meet the fast-growing demands for distribution in the booming toys and collectibles market.

Use of the expanded TubeRack system will enable Entertainment Earth to provide increased shelf space in its 50,000 square-foot warehouse in Simi Valley, Calif. for its growing product inventory, improve its order picking operation and make receiving and shipping faster and more efficient, according to Brian Ozinga, the company’s vice president of operations.

He said the warehouse racking system was chosen because of TubeRack’s cutting edge technology which allows for improved safety and minimized damage during earthquakes, greater impact resistance, increased flexibility and decreased cost of ownership. Because the footplates are smaller and the anchor bolts are closer to the columns, the racks can move in all directions to relieve structural stress during a seismic event.

In addition, said Brent Baltin, owner of one of Hannibal’s major distributors, other benefits of the TubeRack system are interchangeable components that allow the racks to be built at various heights and widths according to storage requirements. Instead of welding or bolting a solid truss, the system uses only horizontal members without the need for ratcheted snug-tightened bolts.

Ozinga said the biggest benefit is “gaining all of the floor space square footage underneath the catwalk/mezzanine structure for pallet picking locations. We now can add more than 330 pallet locations on the floor below where we ‘dock’ high-velocity new arrivals and hot items that see most of the picking activity.”

He said Entertainment Earth is part of a $200 billion per year industry and experiences revenues of more than $50 million annually. “Our success can be attributed to the fact that we have become a top distributor for the world’s largest and most desirable manufacturers of collective toys and action figures, including Hasbro, Mattel, Funko, McFarlane and others.” Today, the company’s shelves are stacked with such items as Star Wars troopers, Batmobiles, Star Trek Enterprise models and more.