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First, It Was “Gaga” … Now It’s Justin Bieber

Monday, August 1, 2011

I open up my windows, take off my blinders and take my business lessons from wherever and whomever I can get them from. I have no shame and apparently, no restrictions.

I am an equal opportunity lesson snatcher. Today, I consider what I read nothing short of brilliant.

The other evening was the Country Awards Something or Other. (What our country does not have a shortage of is award ceremonies.) For those of you who have been watching Oprah reruns or have been living under a rock for the past seven months Justin Bieber is the new young lady’s heart throb. Yep! It sounds like the Beetles had nothing on this young dude. The young girls scream and swoon like JB is the next Elvis.

He came upon the scene via You Tube of all places and makes news when he blows his nose in public or gets a haircut. Personally, I can take or leave the kid.

But that is not the point. I’m not 15 anymore.

I awoke this morning to learn that the Biebster just won an award at, of all places, the Country Music Awards. “Holster you six-shooters cowboys and put your chaps out to dry,” Justin Bieber just won a what? At the where? How did the young stud pull that one off? He isn’t a country crooner and probably thinks Willie Nelson was Harriet’s husband.

After giving this incredible news some time to sink in, I stopped just short of screaming, “Brilliant.” After the initial shock, I pieced it all together. These are my interpretations and I have not officially substantiated them.

Justin won an award by collaborating with an established country boy … Rascal Flatts. The Rascal has a voice that is easy to listen to, and his band does a great job. He has a following, but I am betting they are in the thirty-something and up emographic.

Mr. Bieber, on the other hand, has the key to the younger set’s pocket book … those people who are still dreaming about the day they can drive. In short, this was a partnership made in heaven. And the partnership worked. The old synergy trick on display at its finest. 1 + 2 = 4. I take (took) my hat off to this fundamentally basic tactic.

What can you and I learn from this story? What assets do you come to the party with? Who in your marketplace has their own set of assets? Who can you team up with to achieve some brilliant results?

This next sentence I have substantiated and I do know it is as true as rain. If you do not contact anybody to bounce your idea off of, you will never enjoy the fruits that collaboration can bring to both parties.