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Future appears bright as Tri Lite celebrates 95 years

Monday, February 20, 2017

Tri Lite, Inc., designer and manufacturer of specialty lighting and electrical products for the material handling and safety markets, turns 95-years-old in 2017. The company was originally founded as Trippe Manufacturing in 1922 by Graham Trippe, a Chicago inventor. Mr. Trippe designed the automobile’s first Speed Light, a successful automotive accessory that improved a vehicle’s visibility in fog and at night. Known today as a headlight, the accessory was sold on vehicles ranging from fine touring cars to U.S. army tanks.

In the early 1980s Trippe started producing high quality power protection systems for the burgeoning personal computer (PC) market. This foray into PC systems provided an opportunity for department specialization and independence, growing the company in a distinct new direction. Now called Tripp Lite, they continue as a leader in power protection systems. In 1987, Tri Lite was formed as a new company in order to focus on Graham Trippe’s original vision for providing innovative lighting solutions.

Keeping lighting its core business, Tri Lite developed a wide variety of lights and options for use in and around warehouses, factories and distribution centers. Using in-house designs and patented technologies, the 95-year-old company offers a large line of flexible solutions for worker safety, comfort and productivity.

In the late 1990s a successful Stop and Go signaling system for use on loading docks, car washes, parking lots, garages and drive thru windows was developed. In 2002, the Stop and Go signal lights became the company’s first product to offer the energy saving benefits of LED lighting components.

Loading dock lights have been the company’s best sellers since its independence from Trippe. Polycarbonate and Metal LED dock light modules illuminate truck-trailers with energy efficient light heads that can withstand harsh loading dock environments. Made from flame resistant materials that protect from corrosion, pitting and other environmental factors, the lights have a long life. With the help of LEDs, the company has extended the useful life of a dock light from 500 hours to a minimum of 50,000 hours, prompting a generous five-year limited replacement warranty. Customers can now choose between tradition incandescent, high pressure sodium or energy efficient LEDs on most dock lights.

Tri Lite has recently unveiled LED versions of two of its most iconic warning lights, the Mars "888" traffic breaker, also known as the TB8 and the RF6. The TB8 is often used on fire trucks, while the RF6 is a heavy duty beacon with many industrial uses. The updated lights still have a classic style, but are now three times brighter and draw less than half the amps or watts of the original incandescent versions.

Most recently, a rugged LED loading dock guide light set has been developed. The LEDs make it one of the brightest guide light available, greatly increasing visibility in low-light environments like enclosed dock bays. The LED improvements have made the light easier to see from a distance, even in sunlight.

Tri Lite is proud that its innovative lighting and electrical designs are still manufactured in the USA. As the company seeks to anticipate future needs, it remains focused on creating high quality lighting and electrical components, and on an unwavering loyalty to its distribution partners for the next 95-years and beyond.

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