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Good Health Lies In What You Eat

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TVH’s Nudge program loves to keep active but also knows the key to good health lies in what you eat. The adage reminds us “you can’t out exercise a bad diet.” Thus, knowing a good diet is essential to optimal health; Nudge looks for ways to incorporate nutrition into our routine.

One of the first nutritional ventures Nudge took on was to provide fresh fruit for all employees. Executive management decided that to really make an impact that the fruit should be provided on a weekly basis and at no additional cost to employees.

We sent out several communications announcing our program, asked employees to be respectful by taking only one serving, and to enjoy it as a healthy replacement for an unhealthy snack. From there, Nudge set out a variety of fruit in baskets in the most popular and visited areas – the lunch and break rooms.

As you can imagine, this quickly became one of the employee’s favorite days and four years later, everyone still looks forward to receiving a weekly piece of fruit. “I love fruit day and look forward to it every week,” says Marcia Smith 9 year employee. “It reminds me to eat better and keeps me away from an overly processed snack. A lot of those snacks just fill you up for a little bit, but add nothing to your overall health.”

TVH has also revamped their vending areas from traditional vending machines to a pantry style system. This allows TVH to include more fresh offerings like yogurt, fresh salads and sandwiches, along with vegetables with humus and low fat dips. “It’s important to our mission of becoming a healthier company to provide access to better food for employees,” says Frank Carter, General Manager and VP. “Working with our current vending operator helps us to deliver these options.”

In addition to our weekly fruit day, TVH employees are offered at least one nutritional event a month. For example, we invite local chefs to contribute their tips for nutritious meals, we make green smoothies as a treat for employees, and share healthy recipes that are easy to make.

The green smoothies are a great introduction to incorporating more vegetables into our diets. As Americans, our diets are lacking in the nutrients that come from vegetables.

According to the research group, NPD, kids and adults eat an average of about a cup of vegetables a day and a half a cup of fruit. This amount is way below the US government recommendation of 2.5 cups of vegetables and one cup of fruit a day.

A Green Smoothie is an easy, tasty way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.

It’s especially helpful for those who have a hard time with the taste of vegetables. “I like some vegetables but I’m a picky eater and don’t like the taste of a lot of greens,” says Don Holman, 22 year employee. “I’m willing to try the green smoothies, and although I didn’t like the first one I tried, I really liked the recipe Nudge used with the mint and pineapple. That’s one I would make for myself.”

This goes to show that fresh food is tasty food, and if you don’t like something, the recipe may be to blame, not the food. So keep trying it in different ways until you find a way you like it.

As much as we love being active, Nudge knows that you won’t make much health progress without a good diet. Keeping that in mind, Nudge continues to explore new nutritional avenues to incorporate into our business and our employee’s lifestyles.

We hope you try and enjoy our most popular green smoothie receipe!

If you have questions about adding more nutritional options at your business contact Bonnie at for more information.