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New LiuGong Forklift Line Launches Into Europe and U.S.

Friday, July 1, 2011

LiuGong Machinery Corp., the leading China-based construction equipment manufacturer, announced it is entering the Western European and North American markets with a new line of forklifts, including diesel, electric and LPG fueled machines.

LiuGong has already established itself as a formidable global competitor in the construction equipment market. It is one of the fastest growing machinery manufacturers worldwide.

“We’re excited about this new expansion for LiuGong,” said Deng Tao, Sales Director, LiuGong Europe. “To be a leader, we need to expand into the lifting and handling arena. LiuGong has been very strategic in preparing to tackle two of the world’s most exciting markets that demand a broad variety of machine,” he added. Deng noted LiuGong first showed its forklifts at INTERMAT in 2009. Since then, the company has had significant success selling Tier II machines to Eastern Europe, South America, and in Asia. In the meantime, LiuGong has been refining and redesigning machines to prepare to enter Western markets.

In Europe, the forklift business will be managed from LiuGong Europe with its headquarters offices and parts depot in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. LiuGong’s LPG and diesel internal combustion models are currently the company’s most popular models in the Eastern European region. In Western Europe and North America where specialized lifting and handling outlets are required, LiuGong will also continue to recruit new dealers primarily focused on the material handling industry.

All the forklift models meet EU emission standards and the cab space ergonomics have been reconfigured to ensure operator comfort and ease of use. Because of strict emission laws in Western Europe, electric forklifts are in strong demand. LiuGong will be rolling out a series of DC and AC battery operated models there. LiuGong plans to aggressively pursue the Western European rental market, as many operators prefer to rent rather than buy.

Trucks for international distribution include class one electric rider trucks ranging from 1.5 to 3 tons with A/C drive and hydraulics all are certified to the strict UL and CE certification. Class five pneumatic tire internal combustion trucks will soon be available up to 16 tons with UL and CE certifications. In addition we are in the process of further expansion of our large capacity IC pneumatic line.

“We like to say LiuGong is Solid, Simple and Supported,” said Deng. “We make highly durable machines that are easy to operate. LiuGong offers a cost-effective, straightforward design philosophy that eliminates unnecessary complexity that can drive up costs. Coupled with proven components from renowned suppliers, these machines are durable, reliable and very affordable. We never enter a market without dealers, service and parts availability, so LiuGong machines are always fully supported,” said Deng. “This is unlike any other Chinese equipment

In North America, LiuGong has established LiuGong Forklift Americas as a separate subsidiary to properly support the marketing and distribution of the forklift products in the Americas. The division is based in Katy, TX where LiuGong also has its North American construction equipment headquarters and parts depot.

LiuGong Forklift Americas will be recruiting forklift dealers in the second half of 2011, and expects to have the full line available for sale by the fourth quarter of 2011 in North America. The company expects to have proper representation in all major North American population centers by the end of 2013. Throughout the globe, LiuGong forklifts are supported by seven other parts depots, so service and technical support are never far away.

As in Europe, the rental segment will also be an important target in North America, since simplicity and durability, a core competency for LiuGong machines, are critical for rental. LiuGong Forklifts work well for dealers who want to provide durable, easy to operate products to their client base.

In addition, Deng said, LiuGong is the only China-based manufacturer fully committed to dealer service and after sales support. This is in step with LiuGong’s construction equipment business, which never sells into a market without the dealer network in place. LiuGong Forklift Americas is currently developing its dealer network for its forklift line in Latin America and will use the same marketing support approach in North America.
Deng adds LiuGong is well prepared to meet market demand with two plants that produce more than 14,000 units annually and the capability to produce 30,000. Each plant is ISO 9000 certified, and pursues Six Sigma quality.

LiuGong, headquartered in Liuzhou, China, is the leading China-based machine manufacturer both domestically and abroad offering a full line of construction equipment to the global market. It is publicly traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

LiuGong offers a full line of machines, including wheel loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, skid steers, forklifts, graders, excavators, rollers, truck mounted and crawler cranes, and pavers. The company has nine subsidiaries, each with a sophisticated parts depot in regions around the world.

For more information contact LiuGond Machinery Corporation at +86 772 3886926 or visit

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