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The stand-up rider scrubber, a different kind of machine!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It is not often that I get to recommend a machine fairly new to the marketplace, a scrubber in its own category. After receiving an e-mail regarding a request to recommend a machine, of course one has to investigate all avenues to provide the best decision. This customer has a 55,000 square foot building that needs scrubbing at least three times a week. The surface is smooth and is in a generally clean environment. Sounds simple, right? Except that the maintenance person is also going to do the scrubbing. He is an older gentleman who can’t walk great distances. The walk-behind scrubber is out of the question. The gentleman also stated that he has restless leg syndrome. What this means is that he cannot sit a period of time as well, so no rider scrubber. I told the owner, you are killing me here, but let me think on it. After looking into the marketplace, what I found was obvious. These machines have been on the market for about 10 years, so not a long period of time by my standards. I found two manufacturers that make this type of scrubber and both are excellent providers and long time innovators in the cleaning industry. One is Windsor (part of the Karcher Group) and the other is Nilfisk-Advance. So, do you know what I am going to recommend?

Yes, the stand-up rider scrubber. It is perfect in the particular situation. Both manufacture a good product. These machines are made more for the commercial industry and not the industrial. But I figure since the environment is relatively a clean one, either machine would suffice. But, let’s look into both and compare them to decide which manufacture may be advantageous to purchase.

The Windsor makes the Chariot in three different scrub path widths. They are 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch. The brush choice is either disc brushes or cylindrical brushes. One very important item is the solution tank capacity. For the Chariot it is 25 gallon. Let’s look at the square foot per hour cleaning rate. In the Chariot’s case it is 27,639 square foot per hour. This rate is for the 26 inch machine. So, I think this is perfect for their company.

Now let’s look at the Nilfisk-Advance Scrubber. It is the model SC1500. This company only makes one scrub path width and that is 19 inches. A far cry from the 26 inch machine that Windsor makes, some 25% less. This may be a game changer, but let’s continue to compare. Let’s once again look at the solution tank capacity. The SC1500 has a capacity of 11.7 gallons, again far less than the 25 gallon capacity on the Chariot. Now, that’s the game changer.

Now we can also take a look at what style brushes we want, either the disc brush or cylindrical. Because of the smooth floor I would recommend the disc brushes. The cylindrical brushes are specifically designed to scrub imperfections on the surface such as cracks. This is not a hindrance so the disc brush type is just fine.

So, I think we have a recommendation - the Windsor Chariot I scrub 26.

Creamer’s Corner is a monthly conversation with Hi-Gear’s Mike Creamer giving you advise, technical assistance, brand comparisons and on the job stories on repairing, maintaining or replacing your sweeper/scrubber. For your comments or questions, please e-mail Mike at