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Unleashing beastwire mesh guarding in Pennsylvania

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wire Mesh Guarding
At WPRP, our goal is to help you by providing educational content and pallet rack products. But pallet rack isn’t all that we carry. A more accurate way of describing what we sell is solutions to warehouse storage problems. Pallet racking may be the foundation, but sometimes racking on its own doesn’t meet the full spectrum of a customer’s needs. That’s why we offer a full line of pallet rack accessories that help businesses make their warehouses safer and more productive. Often times a product that only came about as an afterthought or an add-on item on a quote can make the difference between a so-so warehouse and one that’s safe, efficient, and code compliant. That’s why we’re so excited to announce a new member of the WPRP 48 hour quick ship product family: BeastWire Mesh Guarding

Wire mesh guarding has a lot of benefits for pallet rack systems. One of the most obvious of these benefits is the additional safety. As engineering technology and strategies advance, pallet rack systems gradually get taller and taller. The higher up a load is on a rack system, the more damage it can cause when it lands. On top of that, the product itself is more likely to sustain damage on impact. A rack safety system like BeastWire helps ensure that no product leaves the racking unless the warehouse staff picks it.

Why beastwire mesh guarding?
BeastWire has advantages over both safety netting and other types of steel mesh. One of these qualities is the raw strength of the product itself. Safety netting, which is commonly used on the back side of a rack system, is only made to stop small items. This means that with rack systems supporting large loads, it is only marginally effective. Over time, safety netting can also fall prey to fraying and cutting by loads with sharp edges, whereas steel mesh can withstand abuse from sharp, heavy product. The fully framed design utilized by BeastWire has been shown by independent studies to be twice as strong as unframed panels.

Aside from the quality and strength of its materials, one of the features that sets BeastWire apart is the innovative bracket design. BeastWire’s riveted bracket can save up to 90% on installation, and secures the rack system with a safety drop pin. The drop pin would be easy to overlook, but is a key safety feature. With the drop pin in place, the panel cannot be dislodged from the upright unless the safety pin is deliberately removed first. This eliminates the possibility of a panel accidentally disengaging and harming people or product.

To meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and pallet rack styles, BeastWire has four different bracket design options: fixed, adjustable, universal, and pivot. Each of these bracket designs lets the mesh panels function at their best for that particular system.

Pallet rack wire backing
No matter the size of your bay, BeastWire rack safety panels can cover your needs. Panels can stack to cover the needed vertical coverage, and a single panel can span a width of 10’. For bays wider than 10’, simply join two BeastWire panels together using the 4” splice channel.

Wire mesh guarding applications
So, how do you know when it’s a good time to use BeastWire mesh guarding on a pallet rack system? Any time wire mesh guarding can increase the safety of a warehouse is a good time to install BeastWire rack backing panels.

Here are a few examples of common applications for BeastWire mesh guarding:
• When storing unbalanced loads that exceed 25 lbs. or objects with sharp edges
• On racking located next to pedestrian traffic lanes
• On any racking tunnels that sit above aisles with personnel traffic
• When a row of racking sits directly next to a wall, column, pipes or machinery
• In a flue space where items would become trapped if they were to fall

Want to know more about the latest addition to our quick ship product offering? Give us a call! We have all the information you need on pricing, sizes, applications, availability and more. Email wprp at with questions.

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