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Web Site Provides New Technology, Safer Handling

Saturday, August 1, 2009

By: Samantha Donisi

Professional Forklift Engineering Services, LLC is all about safety. So much so that the startup company formed in 2008 has launched a new website dedicated to providing dealers with the tools necessary to equip their new or used trucks with the most up-to-date capacity ratings and data tags. is the world’s first professional forklift capacity rating system, according to the Web site. The online calculator, accessible to any manufacturer, dealer, broker or customer after free registration, allows users to quickly obtain accurate capacity information to ensure safe configuration of a material handling application.

“We felt there was a need for a tool like this because a lot of dealers are buying, selling and renting used trucks and it can be difficult to obtain capacity rating information on some makes and models if the original attachment is changed, or if the data tag is unreadable or missing,” Shipp said. “In many cases it’s not possible or practical to get the information from the original manufacturer in a timely manner.”

Before he began Professional Forklift Engineering Services, Shipp worked for six years with the North American division of a major worldwide forklift manufacturer supporting the dealer network in the United States, Canada and Mexico. During this time he said he often thought about writing software to help with the need he saw for accurate and easily accessible capacity rating data.

The Mount Pleasant, SC.-based company specializes in capacity rating calculations. The company utilizes a team of engineers to manage the software and develop the data.

“We’re trying to provide a service so that all dealers, salespeople and end users can better understand the capability of the machines they have and get proper rating tags on the machines to comply with OSHA and make the workplace safer,” Shipp said.

He added that he has experienced firsthand how long it takes to get the proper information from a manufacturer, and understands that many times a machine is needed before the capacity rating becomes available.

“If data tags are not readable, they need to be replaced,” Shipp said. “This may not happen as often as it should, because of the difficulty in obtaining the information. We want to make it easier to get the capacity rating.”

With, the operator simply has to log in and enter their machine’s information. This is made easier through the use of drop-down menus that help the configuration process go quicker.

The website offers a variety of makes and models to choose from, and certifiable capacity ratings based on manufacturers published data are returned quickly. The calculations are based on algorithms designed by professional engineers, and users can instantly obtain access to manufacturers’ specification sheets.

In addition to the capacity rating, the website offers feedback regarding the optimal configuration for maximum capacity at the lowest cost, as well as feedback about how various attachments and forkwear affect the truck’s capacity. The site can also store the users personal set of created configurations for later retrieval.

“The site is designed to help forklift dealers and end users quickly size the right truck and attachment for the job,” Shipp said.

Access the capacity calculator at, or contact Andy Shipp with questions or comments at 843/532-6469.

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