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Fleet Tracking Solutions For SMEs and Enterprises

Technology has invaded every aspect of the business world from telecommunications and transport industry to sales and marketing. No matter the size, all businesses now have additional tools to deal with the difficulties of the daily challenges. While GPS is not a new technology, it wasn’t readily available for all companies, especially small and medium-sized companies. With so many benefits, GPS tracking systems have become the main part of every fleet operation. The GPS-based applications started being employed by a wide range of businesses including distribution, delivery, construction, utility companies and many other companies that use a vehicle fleet.

Investing in a fleet management system might increase your expenses at first but in the long run, it pays for itself. With near perfect fleet operations, on-time deliveries and happy customers, your business will advance in the correct direction and so will your profits.

Rewire Security offers a wide range of vehicle tracking devices, featuring a list of advanced functions, all compatible with GPSLive fleet. GPSLive Fleet provides all the essential tools to keep your fleet secure, functional and healthy. Once the tracking devices are installed, all you need is a mobile device or a computer to gain access to the management tools. The powerful GPSLive Fleet tracking platform makes fleet operations run smoothly and efficiently. You can monitor the location of assets, vehicles and drivers in real time and be notified instantly for important events via email or text messages.

GPSLive Fleet features;
- Real-time Vehicle, Asset and Personnel tracking,
- Geo-fence zones, and zone in/out alarms,
- Driver behaviour monitoring; speeding, idling,
- Route history; view routes taken up to 3 months,
- Custom reports which can be created in HTML, PDF or CSV,
- Push notifications for important events,
- Service alerts for timely maintenance scheduling,
- Unlimited technical support and more.

Asset tracking has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes due to increasing frequency of thefts. Especially for companies with expensive machinery at work sites, it is vital to keep assets secure and have additional security measures in place. Valuable equipment has always been a primary target for criminals but with the help of GPSLive Fleet, you no longer have to worry about theft. An asset tracker can be attached to any metal surface with a magnetic case and with a push notification in place, your equipment will be safer than ever. The ability to track your assets in real-time will also give you the ability to provide your customers with a precise ETA, driver and vehicle information for deliveries. Business owners with a fleet of vehicles on the roads or valuable assets in multiple job sites can rest assured, knowing their assets are secure and protected.

DB1 tracking device from Rewire Security offers state-of-the-art tracking technology for an affordable price. The device arrives preconfigured at your doorstep, allowing it to work right after the installation. DB1 GPS tracker keeps track of information such as speed, location, route history and all the data are safely stored at GPSLive Fleet servers that can be accessed on demand. What makes DB1 even better is the optional features you can opt. in to add such as fuel sensor, driver identification, authorized driving and remote vehicle immobilization.

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for any vehicle fleet and DB1 gives a unique insight into fuel consumption. You can analyze and identify the causes of unnecessary fuel usage with the help of detailed reports generated by GPSLive Fleet, and eliminate them to save considerable amounts of money. Having dozens of drivers and vehicles can create a confusion for delivery schedules but with the driver identification feature; all drivers will have a key fob assigned to them. As soon as a driver gets behind a wheel, GPSLive Fleet tracking software will let you know who is driving which vehicle.

One of the most important reasons for equipping a vehicle with a GPS tracker is safety and DB1 can provide your fleet with one of the best security system available in the market. Seasoned criminals can get past all of your fleet vehicle’s security measures except for one. Once it has become clear that a vehicle is stolen, you can utilise the remote immobilisation feature to shut down the ignition system and stop the vehicle. Noone will be able to get away with one of your vehicles with a DB1 installed in them.

GPSLive Fleet is a reliable and cost-effective fleet management solution for fleet managers who want to take the control of their mobile workforce into their hands. Not only will GPSLive Fleet allow businesses to identify issues and fix them rapidly, but it will also improve their profitability. GPSLive Fleet cloud-based tracking software is all a business or organization needs to be able to monitor all aspects of their fleet and manage their workforce with no effort.